What is America's Future and Yours?


September 2003

Dear Ministry Partner,

Can America be delivered? Have we gone past the point of critical mass for the triumph of evil? The issues in the news include a homosexual "minister" being ordained Bishop in a major Christian denomination, homosexual marriages being legalized, pornographic spam clogging e-mail accounts, business corruption at top levels causing massive financial losses, the ten commandments being forcibly removed from public view, and new abortion drugs being legalized so that babies can be killed by just swallowing a pill. Have Americans become the Canaanites retrofitted with high technology? The Canaanites idolized sex, money, and power, and performed infant sacrifice as a nation thinking they would be better off for it. (Doesn't that sound like America?) Ephesians 4:19 sounds uncomfortably like a description of our modern society, "Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more." God spoke to me that the general church in America has let the "spirit of this age" influence it, and the church in America is like the New Testament woman caught in the act of adultery — the church has compromised and not gone after its first love (there are of course specific exceptions). Jesus' instructions were to go and sin no more. But will the judgement of God fall on this nation? What can be done? What should you do to ensure your own survival and prosperity? The first issue that is of critical importance is for people to realize that morality (Christianity) is essential for a democracy or republic to survive. To paraphrase the founding fathers of America, when offering a free society to all individuals, the people must have internal moral restraint due to their spiritual beliefs — or else their freedom will simply become an opportunity for all kinds of sin. And if these same individuals can simply vote into existence whatever sounds good to them, a democracy cannot last. Given immoral, selfish voters — they would simply vote everything into their own possession and create laws to satisfy their own carnal desires without caring about the next generation. Sin that has been legalized, trillions of dollars of national debt, and a huge prison system that is overcrowded would all be symptoms of the breakdown of such a society.Christianity is necessary for any form of government to work correctly. While the free enterprise form of society is closest to the Biblical model, even communism could work if everyone was a perfect Christian! (Communism requires selfless sharing of resources — impossible for selfish, Godless people.) And free enterprise will only continue working where the Christian character qualities of honesty, trust, compassion, and fairness are predominant in the business world. If capitalism becomes characterized by greed, deception, injustice, and fraud, the society will either revolt to a different form of economy, or they will try to continually request government intervention and control with the end result being government ownership versus private ownership. And when unsaved government leaders get that much ownership and control, it is historic that they abuse that power by enriching themselves at others' expense. It is also historic that they begin oppressing and destroying Christianity (because the devil is the driving force in their lives). Biblical references to what a society is like where the people have largely turned their backs on God, and the consequences are resulting, include:

• Breakdown of family relationships (Deut. 28:54-56)
• High crime rates (Deut. 28:29)
• Economic deterioration (Deut. 28:38-40)
• National debt (Deut. 28:44)
• Homelessness and poverty (Deut. 28:48)
• Fear (Deut. 28:66-67)
• Injustice (Deut. 28:30-34)
• Feeling like slaves in your work (Deut. 28:68)
• Incurable diseases like AIDS, SARS, & West Nile Virus (Deut. 28:27)
• Nakedness & immorality (Deut. 28:30&48)
• Abortion (Deut. 28:53)
• Illegal alien problems (Deut. 28:43)
• Multiple languages & communication problems (Deut. 28:28)
• Other "gods" or foreign religions growing (Deut. 28:36)
• Difficulty clearly winning foreign wars (Deut. 28:25)
• Strong buildings toppling at home (Deut. 28:52)
• Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, & local drought (Deut. 28:22-24)

This sounds to me like the evening news in America! So are we doomed? We are never doomed, but it is a serious situation which requires proper response by every Christian. There is always hope with God. If we follow God's instructions, He can lead us out of disaster. God even spared the wicked city of Ninevah when they repented at the preaching of Jonah. God spared the children of Israel when Moses interceded. God would have even spared Sodom & Gomorrah if He would have found enough righteous people there. But the question is not just will God eventually spare us from total destruction as a nation, but how much longer do we have to live with the above list of problems? Do we want "one more night with the frogs" as the carnal Pharaoh responded to Moses? And how can we be personally spared?There are two keys for national spiritual renewal, recovery, and revival. The first key is well known but not often practiced. "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land." (2nd Chronicles 7:14). This does not require much explanation, just more practice. Churches need to have special services to officially do this, and each Christian household needs to have a special devotional time to specifically practice this. Simple human obedience produces supernatural responses from God.The second key is for God's people to give financially to support God's ministers who are working to address the issues. In the Old Testament, there were specific priests, prophets, and Kings who heard the voice of God, spoke out, and acted to change the course of their nation, and brought about the deliverance of their society in various ways. We have experienced this in America at various times (dates approximate):

Jonathan Edwards and the first great awakening (1734-1740's)
• The second great awakening (Francis Asbury, etc.) (1794-1820)
Charles Finney's revivals (1825-1830's)
• The revival in New York City (1857-1858)
D.L. Moody's evangelism (1880's)
John Alexander Dowie's healing revival (late 1800's)
Pentecostal/Azusa Street revival (1900-1908)
• National repentance & return to fundamentals (1930's)
• Healing & charismatic revival (1947-1960's)
• The word of faith revival (1980's)
• The Toronto/Pensacola/Smithton revivals (1994-2000)

It does not take long to either decline quickly into the abyss of sin & destruction, or to experience God and His resurrection & revival. But perhaps the most important issue from a personal point of view is how do you survive and prosper during difficult times? The primary answer is to be part of the solution. God honors those who honor Him. God preserved and even prospered people like Daniel, Joseph, and Noah during times of great tribulation. This requires faith. It takes faith to be part of the answer. It takes faith to obey God. Will you be part of the answer? Will you obey God? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

Doing our part,

Dale & Judi Leander


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