Weapons For Your Spiritual War Enclosed!


April, 2003

Dear Ministry Partner,

In a time of war, people often spend a significant amount of time watching or listening to what is happening, which nation is winning, what the various weapons are and how they are used. But what is even more important is the personal war that every believer is engaged in.

There is no country on the planet where a believer can go to escape this spiritual war. In fact, you were born into it, and it has been raging all your life. Most of the problems you have encountered in childhood and adult life are a direct result of this spiritual war. There is a brutal, ruthless "dictator" (Satan) who is heading up this war against you, and he has an "army" of spiritual followers (evil spirits) who generally are fanatically loyal to him and they hate you — simply because you are a Christian. But this is not supposed to scare you, because you are backed by a militarily superior country (Heaven) which has twice as large an army of angels as the enemy does, and is infinitely more powerful because of the backing by Almighty God!

The weapons that you can use for offense and defense are readily available, they never run out of ammunition, and are simple enough to be utilized by a 6 year old child. These weapons are very powerful. In 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5, the Bible says, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses."

When it comes to these weapons, the only four chances that your enemy knows he has are:

  1. To keep the believer from knowledge about these weapons;

  2. To make the believer think the weapons are not needed (i.e., your problems have only natural causes);

  3. To make the believer feel like actually using his spiritual weapons is too much work;

  4. To make the believer think the weapons are not powerful enough, or they won't work.

So what are these weapons available to us for spiritual warfare? While the following list is not exhaustive, it gives a person an idea of what is being referred to as "spiritual warfare." To over-generalize, the main idea is "doing something!" It is very rare in God's Kingdom that doing nothing initiates change or break-through. But we shouldn't just do anything — there is guidance in scripture for specific things that God has ordained to make a spiritual difference (which eventually manifests in the natural realm). Some weapons are more for defense — closing the doors in our life to the devil (like confessing our sins). Other weapons are more for offense — putting spiritual pressure on the devil (like fasting).

The first weapon category is prayer, but there are many types of prayer. Prayer is simply communication in the spirit realm. That takes in a lot, but pertinent types of prayer include supplication (asking God for His intervention) and prayers of authority (using the name of Jesus to command things to change). Some people stagger at the thought of giving commands to spiritual beings (evil spirits). Now, we don't command God to do anything. But we have delegated authority (the "power of attorney" in our society) to transact business on behalf of God. We are the "body" of Christ on this earth — doing what He would do in His place. This is not because we have deserved or earned it, but we have been entrusted with the name of Jesus and we must be good stewards of that. This includes binding and loosing which Jesus gave to us in Matthew 16:19. There is also the prayer of proclamation which includes positive "confession" of scripture. This has gotten some bad press because of misunderstanding and excesses, but it is still scriptural. Then there is the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the resulting prayer language. (My own mother was overheard praying in tongues by foreigners who understood her at a meeting in Dallas when I was young in the early 1960's). This is a very effective gift from God, and we should not neglect what is available! (I have a free teaching tape on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how to receive it, for those interested.)

Closely associated with prayer is Biblical fasting. This kind of fasting is determined by our motive for not eating (which is plainly clear to God — Acts 15:8, Heb.4:12-13) and is not just dieting. Fasting was chosen by God because anyone can do it. Fasts longer than 3 days usually need some instruction from a medical point of view for safety to health, but fasting is actually very beneficial to the body if done correctly and with plenty of fluids. (I have a free teaching tape on fasting for those interested). Judi and I have fasted various lengths up to 21 days, and I have accumulated about 1,000 days of fasting since 1982. Fasting releases more of God's power against Satan on your behalf, and my family has had many break-throughs and medically verified healings as a result of our fasting with prayer.

One special type of "prayer" is praise or worship. When you sing to the Lord, you are technically praying. You can also worship the Lord verbally, without music or lyrics. This is perhaps the highest form of worship, but many Christians say they run out of words, or they feel awkward. But we actually will be doing this for eternity, so we might as well begin now! It also has powerful benefits. It's what comes from the heart that pleases God anyway, so you don't need to have impressive words. Adding to forms of worship are the physical body positions available (kneeling, laying prostrate, bowing before the Lord, raising hands, etc.). And then there is movement or dance like David did before the Lord. Again, some people don't like this (and I am not saying everyone has to dance), but neither did David's wife Michael like it — and she was barren all her days because of her attitude (2nd Samuel 6:14-23). So let's not be bound up by "what people might think" when we worship God.

Communion is also an act of worship that has powerful spiritual warfare properties. Many believers take communion elements at church, but I would encourage you to take it at home, also. We take communion as a family at times, and it can be significantly used by the Lord to bring healing if a person is sick. Also, communion elements taken on land when dedicating it and sanctifying it for the Lord holds special benefits. I recommend pouring out the leftover grape juice into the soil while declaring something like, "I apply this symbol of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse, deliver , and sanctify this property. I open the heavens over this property now, in the name of Jesus Christ." Don't be surprised if you feel a mighty deliverance when you do this, and experience new spiritual freedom in your home, property, or church afterward. In addition, there are other Biblical acts such as anointing with oil. I have anointed people I have prayed for, as well as doors of my home and offices, and even physical buildings.

Personal power, victory, and spiritual strength can also come through time reading in the Word. Memorizing scripture on a topic pertinent to you is another way to bring break-through. Certain other acts of obedience can bring powerful change — such as following scriptural commands like water baptism, confession of sins, witnessing, restitution, acts of humility or mercy, and other scriptural principles. Just doing what is right is even promised a reward by Jesus (Matt.10:41-42). Last, the Old Testament principle of "sacrifice" has become the New Testament principle of giving financial offerings. Under the New Covenant, we no longer kill oxen or sheep and give them to God's priests — but He still wants us to give the value of those kinds of sacrifices to His work. Instead of building Old Testament altars, we build New Testament ministries through our giving. (Often, giving a one-time or monthly financial "sacrifice" can bring a spiritual break-through, and God's special blessings in unique ways.)

Different weapons often have more value in certain specific situations. This knowledge comes from study and experience, and is one of the differences between a "novice" Christian and a "veteran" believer. Furthermore, it is a sad but true reality that some Christians have actually died before their time due to not using their spiritual weapons! Many believers (in ignorance) think that the devil will somehow hurt them if they use their weapons. What they don't realize is all Christians are already under attack, and if they don't actively defend themselves — they will certainly become a casualty in some area of life. So we need to overcome "fear of the enemy," and use the weapons which God has graciously granted us!

Fighting the Good Fight,

Dale & Judi Leander


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