The Cure For Cancer?


March 2006

Dear Ministry Partner,

At this present time in America, about 1 out of every 3 people has cancer in their lifetime. Present statistics are that 1 out of every 3 men will have prostate cancer. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and is the leading cause of death in women ages 35-54. British researcher Phillip Day reports that around the year 1900 in America, less than 1 out of every 200 people developed a cancer of any kind. It is reported in the media that at the present rates of increase, every American will have some form of cancer by the year 2025. I have no reason to question these statistics as my mother died of uterine cancer, my father had leukemia (a form of cancer), other relatives have had cancer, and my wife had a cancerous mole removed from her arm.

However, the amazing thing is that there are cultures around the world where cancer is almost unheard of. Tribes in the Karakonims of Pakistan [the Hunzas], the aboriginal Eskimo, the Abkhasians, the Azerbaijanis, the Mindanao of the Philippines, tribes of South Africa and South America living on native foods, Australian aborigines, the North American Navajo-Hopi Indian in their native state, and others like them almost never have cancer. In fact, the Pentecostal Evangel reported that "When a medical team led by Dr. Robert McGarrison studied the Hunzas in the 1940's, the physicians did not find a single case of cancer...the Hunzas had an average life span of 90 years, and often more than 120 years." (Furthermore, natives of these tribes, who move into urban "civilized" areas and change their diets accordingly, always begin to experience cancer at the regular western incidence rate.) And Seventh Day Adventist church members in America have a 50% lower rate of cancer than other Americans. The primary factor in these lower cancer rates? The answer is food choices. Genesis 1:29 says, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."

And it is a specific group of foods which prevent and heal cancer. Research has been leading to conclusive evidence that it is foods which contain vitamin B17, also referred to as amygdalin, nitriloside, and laetrile (short for lavomandelanitril). Native or so-called primitive people rely upon a diet containing as much as 250 to 3,000 mg of B17 in their daily foods. Civilized, westernized man, on the other hand, relies on a diet that probably provides an average of less than 2 mg B17 a day according to researcher and biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs. The cancer-free secret of the Hunzas lies primarily in their consumption of apricot seeds (a tremendous source of B17/laetrile). In a land without money, a Hunza's wealth was measured by how many apricot trees he owned, and it was common to eat 30 to 50 apricot seeds as an after-lunch snack. This alone would provide over 150 mg of Vitamin B17.

Understanding what cancer is and why it happens is the first key to ending it in the lives of believers. Around 1900, an embryologist named Professor John Beard at Edinburgh University of was studying the process of pregnancy. He found that the hormone estrogen stimulates stem cells to begin rapidly multiplying into a cell mass called a trophoblast. The purpose of this process is to etch away part of the uterus wall so the embryo can attach itself and then begin growing in the womb. Around day 56, the embryo's pancreas usually begin functioning and release the pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin which chemically eat the protein coating of trophoblast growth, ending it. Professor Beard found that in the rare event the embryo's pancreas failed to develop and release these two "dissolving" enzymes, the growth of the trophoblast would continue and the mother and embryo would die of the resulting ongoing tumor — referred to as cancer.

Whenever a human being experiences any damage to his or her cells, this same stem cell growth process occurs trying to "re-grow" or heal the tissue that was damaged — whether injured by external physical accident or internal toxins and man-made chemicals (including tobacco smoke, food additives, and even chlorine in city water — a known cancer-causing agent). If the growing tissue does not have the necessary ingredients to stop the cell growth (sufficient pancreatic enzymes and vitamin B17/laetrile ), the resulting unstopped tissue turns into what medical science calls cancerous tumor.

Dr. Ernst Krebs and his father in Nevada picked up on this research in the 1950's and continued discovering the chemical processes which stop cancer cells. They discovered that cancer "trophoblast" cells have an intense coating of beta-glucosidase which normal cells do not have. The vitamin B17/laetrile interacts with this cell coating in a complex way resulting in the poisoning of the cancer cells (but it is harmless to normal cells). God has built into 1,200 edible plants on the earth the very means to kill cancer — this is a laboratory-proven fact.

There are several factors that contribute to developing cancer.

(1) A high animal protein diet (including milk, cheese, and eggs) uses up the available pancreatic enzymes to digest protein tissue. Proverbs 23:20 says, "Do not join those who...gorge themselves on meat." (Note — nutritionists agree that small amounts of meat are healthy and needed by the body, but not regular large amounts of domestic animals.)

(2) A diet that is low in plant foods which contain vitamin B17/laetrile is deficient at stopping the uncontrolled growth of this tissue we call cancer.

(3) Most Americans have a high rate of internal cell damage spurring cell re-growth which is commonly caused by western intake of manmade toxic chemicals and radiation. These three factors set the stage for many people to experience unchecked internal growth of tissue that we call lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

In the 1970's, President Nixon had his health advisor appoint renowned cancer researcher Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura to do a 5-year series of tests to see if B17/laetrile worked as claimed. In a largely positive study published in 1978 in the Journal of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Susugora proved that Vitamin B17/laetrile worked when used in combination with the pancreatic enzymes and would stop the spread of cancer.

However, major pharmaceutical companies were not interested in vitamin B17/laetrile (and were even hostile) because they were not able to patent a simple vitamin found in 1,200 edible plants around the world. You might be asking yourself why don't doctors tell cancer patients about nutritional alternatives? First, some do — including the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa which had the famous nutritionist Dr. Patrick Quillin. But each profession has its own areas that it studies. Medical doctors have spent years studying surgical techniques rather than nutrition. Second, consider this: when you take your crashed car to an auto body shop, you don't expect questions from the mechanic about how fast you drive and a lecture on how you should change your driving habits. Similarly, it is usually not a doctor's responsibility to prevent your health problems, just fix them with whatever the American Medical Society has approved for treatments. If the doctor recommends treatment that is not AMA approved (and nutritional treatment is usually not), then he could risk losing his medical license. Last, Steven Ransom reports that 119 million dollars a day are spent on the traditional cancer treatments, so it takes a very unselfish medical professional to send business to the "competition". Plus, it took 200 years for society to fully embrace that vitamin C would prevent and cure scurvy, and it has been a similar uphill road to embrace that B17/laetrile may help prevent and cure cancer.

Another factor in this "American" loss of a diet rich in vitamin B17/laetrile is our shift to a wheat based food system. Wheat is a valuable food which has protein and other nutrients, but it is devoid of B17/laetrile. Other grains are rich in B17/laetrile such as barley, millet, and lentils, which is likely why God directed His people to make bread out of multiple grains. Ezekiel 4:9 says, "Take for yourself wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt; put them into one vessel, and make bread of them for yourself." This flour would be rich in B17/laetrile, but American wheat flour is not. Dr. Rex Russell points out that the baking industry also removes more than 20 vitamins from wheat flour in an attempt to lengthen the shelf life of white bread. He said, "Because the wheat germ layer in the wheat grain has been removed, bacteria and molds that would spoil the bread can't live on it — and neither can we. Those lost nutrients and enzymes are the God-given balance to the kernel; they allow us to thrive."

In his 1974 book World Without Cancer, Edward Griffin points out that most foods high in B17/laetrile generally have been deleted from the menus of modern civilization. God says in Revelation 22:2, "The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." Use our Response Form this month and we will send you a free packet with a variety of valuable information including a list of common foods high in B17/laetrile. [As a necessary disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. Each person is encouraged to see an appropriate doctor for any life-threatening condition.] At the same time, the packet of information I will send you could possibly save your life or someone you love.

Helping Christians Stay Alive,

Dale & Judi Leander


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